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Anti-Itch & Anti-Fungal Medication, Creams, Powders, & Lotions

Fungal infections, exposure to poison ivy, bug bites, and rashes can all cause uncomfortable itching. offers a large selection of remedies to help soothe the itch so you can stop scratching and give your body time to heal.

We carry a wide variety of products, including popular brand name items such as Lotrimin, Gold Bond, Benadryl, Itch-X, Cortizone-10, After-Bite, Calamine Lotion, and Caladryl. Each anti-itch product is specifically designed to target a particular cause of itching, so examine each product carefully before making a selection.

For fungal infections such as athlete'€™s foot, an anti-fungal medication cream, anti-fungal powder or anti-itch gel can be applied at home and are available for purchase online because everything is over-the-counter. If you'€™re embarrassed about your condition, shopping online for your athlete'€™s foot cream is a safe and secure way to ensure that only you are aware of your ailment.

For gardeners or outdoor enthusiasts, poison ivy can be a challenge that's hard to overcome. Even the most minor of exposure to the plant can cause uncomfortable blistering and itching. Instead of willing yourself not to scratch the rash, use a poison oak or poison ivy relief product to wash remnants of the offending oils off your skin. Ridding yourself of the oils is the only way to stop the itch and prevent the rash from spreading.

Shop The Online Drugstore for all of your favorite anti-itch medications, anti-itch powders, and anti-fungal products. Our large selection and convenient online store make us your leading choice for over-the-counter anti-itch medications.