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Irritable Bowel Medicine

Irritable bowel syndrome affects millions of Americans. This syndrome can lead to cancelled plans and spoiled evenings. Choose the most effective irritable bowel medications for total relief. Digestive Advantage packs incredible bowel-calming power in convenient capsules. Try Digestive Advantage IBS tablets. This product should be taken daily to manage your bowels and increase regularity. IBS tablets include GanedenBC30 cultures to increase healthy bacteria within the intestines. Remember, this product is a daily supplement that must be taken continuously to see results.

Digestive Advantage also offers a lactose intolerance therapy. Lactose therapy is powered by BC30 probiotic cultures that break down lactose and the harmful complex sugars present in dairy food items. Though this treatment is not a cure for lactose intolerance, it is designed to reduce your symptoms and increase lactose defense. Take one to two caplets daily for maximum results. Minor instances of gas and bloating may occur after the first few days of use.