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Home Health Tests

As technology progresses, more convenient health screening tests are available for your health needs. Keep home health tests handy for quick and hassle-free checkups. We offer urinary tract, pregnancy, drug, blood pressure and blood sugar in-home tests for less. Choose from top brands and competitive generic offerings at our drugstore online.

Pregnancy tests are a great way to detect your pregnancy early. Our First Response and EPT are trusted by our customers for clear and accurate detection. Try our one, two and three test packs for best results. Enjoy wholesale prices on popular brands and generic alternatives in digital pregnancy and ovulation tests.

If you live with rebellious teenagers or work with recovering addicts, you may need our convenient disposable drug tests. Test for as many as 12 illicit substances and prescription drugs with our 99.99 percent accurate in-home tests. Our standard marijuana detectors are very affordable and fast-acting.

Moreover, you can use these home health tests to monitor your blood pressure, sugar, and ovulation without wasting time or money at your doctor'€™s office. Spend $49 throughout the entire store for free shipping!