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Home Medical Equipment

Our selection of home medical equipment includes more than pill cases and thermometers. We carry bathroom safety products for elderly and disabled individuals. Those in need of assistance will enjoy our comfortable bath seats and handheld shower heads. Medical dispensers are a great way to help give medicine to your little ones. Our oral and nasal syringes, spoon droppers and traditional medicine spoons make measuring and administering liquid medications fast and easy. Parents everywhere struggle to give sick children proper amounts of medicine. Our pill cutters and crushers are another way to make administering medicine to children easier. Adults can also benefit from these tools. Mashing pills and mixing them with soft foods are a great solution if you have difficulty swallowing large tablets. Pill cutters also allow you to halve your dosage. Add a pill reminder to your countertop and never miss a dose. The Online Drugstore has everyday deals for every customer. Use our free shipping credit on purchases over $30 and gain 5 percent back on every order.