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Heart Monitors

If you want to stock a complete first aid or medical kit in your home, the kit will not be complete if you do not have a stethoscope or finger oximeter. These items are among the heart monitors available at The Online Drugstore at low prices. Our available stethoscopes are similar to the types used by physicians. These are lightweight, all-purpose exam scopes that are certified for professional use. Stethoscopes are easy to use but results can be affected if the device is not well-maintained. You should keep the stethoscope away from extreme heat and cold and you should never immerse the stethoscope in any liquid. You should also make sure the eartips are a proper fit and you should routinely check for obstructions such as lint or dirt that can result in reduced acoustical performance. The finger pulse oximeter is used to monitor a person’s oxygen level and pulse rate. This is non-invasive procedure that produces results very quickly and is perfect for those who are not comfortable using stethoscope.