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Hair Trimmers And Clippers

Whether you’re looking for a trimmer for your eyebrows, beard or bikini line, you’ve come to the right place. The Online Drugstore offers a wide selection of specialty trimmers to keep hair neat and tidy. We carry trimmers for men and women in a variety of styles, including powered and manual models. Our power selection includes small battery-powered shaving trimmers for touch ups or sensitive areas and large corded clippers for haircuts or bigger areas. We also carry manual trimmers and shears for precise shaving and hair removal.

Battery-powered trimmers offer the precision and portability needed to trim hair in hard-to-reach places. Eyebrows, bikini lines and the back of the neck are all places where a precision trimmer can be used. Choose a women’s trimmer with a bonus eyebrow attachment to keep eyebrows neat and tidy between waxes, or a dual-sided men’s trimmer to cut mustaches and nose hair with ease.

Large, corded clippers are most often used for cutting hair. You can create a variety of short hairstyles for men and women using the clippers. Our clipper kits come with different lengths of guides for professional looking haircuts without the trip to the salon. We offer several kits to choose from with varying numbers of pieces to get different looks. Some kits include bonus accessories, such as storage cases, shears and instructional DVDs. A professional-looking cut is easy when you order a corded hair trimming kit.

In addition to powered options, we also carry simple manual hair trimmers and hair cutting shears. Use the trimmers for mustaches or other hard-to-reach areas. Our mustache trimmer comes with a bonus comb to help lift whiskers and make them easier to trim. Hair cutting shears are specially designed to cut hair cleanly, eliminating split ends and creating crisp lines. Our hair cutting shears are professional quality, but cost much less than you would pay at a salon supply store.

Whether you’re looking for a power trimmer or a simple pair of hair shears, you’ll find everything you need to look your best at The Online Drugstore. Take advantage of our low prices and large selection today. With just a few clicks, you can have the hair trimming tools you need delivered right to your door.