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Women in the 1980s were able to achieve the “Big Hair” look by using a cans and cans of hairspray. Although the 1980s have come and gone, and the days of big hair are seemingly over, some hair styles still require the use of hairsprays. If you are a faithful user of hairspray products such as Aqua Net or if you are a fan of Finesse or Garnier Fructis products, you can purchase cans of hairspray online at low prices at The Online Drugstore. We even have hairspray for men! Both aerosol and non-aerosol hairsprays are available, and products include extreme hold and super hold professional sprays as well as that are touted as being anti-humidity and volumizing hairspray. When it comes to hairsprays, products listed as being extra hold are not necessarily what you need for everyday hair styling. According to styling professionals, strong and extra-strength hairsprays should only be used in cases when you do not want your hair to move at all, such as wedding updos or if you have a French twist. Light and medium-hold hairsprays are better for daily use. Styling professionals also say that when you are applying hairspray, you should hold the spray nozzle 12 to 14 inches away from your head and to keep a steady stream for overall hold. They also advise against applying too much hairspray as this can lead to the dreaded helmet-head look.