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Products For Hair Loss

Hair loss affects men and women of all ages. Avoid TV gimmicks and expensive treatments with The Online Drugstore's selection of customer-approved Rogaine solutions. Hair loss is commonly seen in middle-aged and older men. Hair loss can also affect men in their late teens and twenties, leading to lower self-confidence. Take control today and find remedies for hair loss with Rogaine.

Men'€s Extra Strength topical solution is designed to encourage hair growth on the top of the scalp. This item is not intended for frontal thinning or receding hairlines. Our one and three-month supply of unscented treatment revitalizes the follicle and boosts hair thickness. Purchase a one-month package of Rogaine Extra Strength to test this product's performance on your scalp. Our three-month package is on sale for long-term revitalization. Treat the same area with our easy-to-use foam. This treatment is fast and mess-free.

For women, baldness is unexpected and embarrassing. Finally, there is an effective women's hair growth solution on the market that acts as a treatment for thinning hair. Women's Rogaine offers the same growth-boosting properties of Rogaine's male products. Use this unscented 2 percent Minoxidil solution for general thinning on the top of the scalp. We carry Women's Rogaine in one and three-month supply packages for long-term and temporary use.