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Hair Color At Home

Women who want to color their hair and prefer to perform this task at home rather than have professional coloring at the salon can purchase hair coloring products from Clairol, L’Oreal or Garnier Nutrisse at The Online Drugstore. Some of the best at home hair dye colors are available, ranging from bleach blond to black. If you are new to coloring your hair, there are several steps that you need to perform to make the job a success. Note that hair color products can cause allergic reactions, so you should conduct a skin allergy test several days before you plan on coloring your hair. If you do not have a skin allergy and plan on proceeding with your hair coloring, you should use Vaseline around your hairline to protect your skin from stains and you should always wear gloves when you color your hair and use other chemical hair care products found online. You should divide your hair into quadrants and color by quadrant as opposed to coloring your full head of hair at once. If you are coloring all of your hair, apply the color to the roots for 20 minutes or so and then comb through to the ends for 10 minutes; this will give you a more natural look. All-over coloring can last six to eight weeks, so you will not have to go through this process repeatedly. In fact, constant coloring can damage your hair.