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Hair Brushes Online

Hair brushes similar to those used by professional hair stylists are available at The Online Drugstore. These are Conair brushes, so you can expect all varieties of the hair styling brush to be of high quality and very durable. We have nylon brushes, brushes with boar bristles, round brushes for hair, and brushes that come in a two-pack with either two brushes or a brush and a comb. There are several styles of hair brushes available, giving you options depending on your type of hair. Cushion hair brushes are used to straighten and/or de-tangle hair. These types of brushes can be used on all hair lengths and textures, and cushion brushes are noted for having bristles on one side of the paddle. Round hair brushes are good for styling medium length hair. If you dry your hair using a blow dryer, round brushes work very well in these applications. Round brushes should also be used for neat hair and these brushes are perfect if you want to add curls to the ends of your hair. Shop for your favorite hair brushes online!