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Green Tea Extracts

Get the benefits of green tea without having to drink it by choosing concentrated green tea vitamins and supplements from The Online Drugstore. Our green tea supplements are made by brands like Nature’s Bounty and Sundown. Green tea is reported to improve mental alertness, stimulate digestion, alleviate headaches and more. The active ingredients in green tea are polyphenols and caffeine. Green tea contains up to 4 percent caffeine, which has been proven to help reduce the duration and severity of headaches. The tea has been used thoughout Asia for centuries as an all-purpose medicine.

You can buy vitamins and supplements online at The Online Drugstore, where we carry a fine selection of green tea supplements to choose from. Our supplements come in convenient capsule form and vary in strength and package size. We carry well-known brands of supplements, like Nature’s Bounty and Sundown, to ensure you’re getting the finest quality and best prices possible. Green tea supplements offer an easy way to get the nutrients and benefits of green tea without having to take the time to prepare or drink it. Order some today and take advantage of low prices and fast shipping.