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Infant & Children'€s Pain Relief: Tylenol, Advil, and Fever Reducers

When your children are in pain, you need something that's safe, fast, and effective. offers a large selection of children and infant's pain relievers that are specially formulated for kids. We carry all of the most popular name brands including Children's Tylenol, Children's Advil and infant Advil.

Our over the counter kids pain relievers come in a variety of forms including liquids, suppositories, and chewable tablets. Choose the form that's right for your child to make it easy for them to get the relief they need. Our children's formulas are flavored to make your kids want to take their medicine.

Our OTC pain relief for kids is available at our everyday low prices. We make it affordable to get the high-quality, fast-acting medicine you need to keep your kids feeling their best. From children's acetaminophen to ibuprofen, it's important to keep some pain relief on hand so you're ready whenever your little one needs you. Many pain relievers also act as fever reducers, so be sure to keep the right formula on hand for your child's age group.

Choose for all of your children's pain relief needs. Our large selection and low prices ensure that you'll always find the products you need to keep your kids feeling their best. Our pain relief products ship for free on qualifying orders.