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Foot Cleansers

Foot cleansers are a great and noninvasive way to soften calluses, eliminate fungi and leave your feet feeling refreshed. Treating fungal infections can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Keep Fungicure handy to treat jock itch, ringworm and athlete’s foot, along with common dryness and scaling associated with winter weather. Reduce the appearance of fungal infections while cleansing your feet during your daily routine with Fungicure. PediFix FungaSoap is another all-natural option to relieve athlete’s foot. FungaSoap can also be used to curb odor, yeast infections, acne, excessive sweating and ringworm.

If you want to pamper your feet after a long week at work, try our soaking packets. Dr. Scholl’s For Her jelly soak therapy comes with lavender-scented gel that keeps the water warm and inviting. Johnson’s Foot Soap is a classic choice to clean and soak your feet while softening corns and calluses. Trust Johnson’s to relieve burning, itching and everyday foot pains. Treat your toes to a little TLC with our individual packets of soaking soaps.