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Food & Treats

Just like humans love a good, quick snack, our pet pals love some treats too. The Online Drugstore has pet food and treats that will make your dog, cat, bird, and even fish smile. If you can’t find a product you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We’ll happily help you find the food your pets need.

You may be training your cat or dog to meet your behavior expectations. These good behaviors should be rewarded with a tasty treat. We have a great collection of small, bite-sized treats that are a little snack to show appreciation without packing on the calories.

Most of our collection includes bigger chew treats for dogs and a few catnip treats for cats. Mix things up with a rawhide chew, some bully sticks, and other meat-and-rawhide chews. The catnip toy shaped like a little mouse is one of the favorites here at The Online Drugstore.

We also have bird food and snacks in stock. Keep your cockatiel or other house bird happily fed with Suet Cakes or other mixes of grains and greens. Finally, make sure your fish is fed with the classic fish food flakes.

It’s easy to take care of your household pets with the food and treats available at our online store. The Online Drugstore is a Top Rated National® Drugstore that offers affordable products for all your household and pet needs. Keep in mind that we ship products as fast as possible, so even when you’re on your last bag of treats, you can count on us to get you another bag before your pet realizes his treats were gone for too long. Spend $49 throughout the entire store and get free shipping on your entire order. Shop through our pet food and treats now.