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Flents Two-Sided Finger Splint - 6 pks of 3

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Flents Two-Sided Finger Splint - 6 pks of 3

Used for protecting injured finger tips. Allows more ventilation to injured finger than a heavy dressing or bandage. Protects finger from further injury during healing. Contents: 1 medium two-sided finger splint, 1 large two-sided finger splint, 1 extra large two-sided finger splint.

Directions: Step 1: Cleanse finger and wound. Stop any bleeding by direct pressure on wound using a clean gauze pad and elevating hand until bleeding has stopped. Step 2: Apply small amount of antibiotic cream to any areas of broken skin. Step 3: If skin is broken use a small non-stick sterile gauze pad on wound. Wrap the gauze around finger 1-2 times. To secure the dressing, wrap thin strips of adhesive tape around gauze 1-2 times. Step 4: Place the finger in center of splint and gently apply pressure around splint to mold fit. Splint should be snug but not tight. Step 5: Secure splint to finger at the base with thin strips of adhesive tape. Wrap around finger once firmly but not too tight. If finger becomes blue, cold, or numb, loosen tape slightly. If redness, numbness, swelling or pain persists, consult your doctor at once.

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