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Fiber Supplements

The majority of Americans do not get enough fiber. The Online Drugstore offers nutrients to fill every customer's dietary shortcomings, including tasty and convenient high fiber supplements. Fiber has many benefits, specifically digestive regularity. Add an extra dose of fiber to lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels without a prescription. Fiber is a great way to help you feel fuller longer after every meal. Take proper precautions to reduce the risk of heart disease with an affordable fiber supplement from The Online Drugstore.

We carry popular brands, such as Metamucil, Citrucel, Fiber Choice and MiraLAX. Choose from easy-dose tablets and convenient powdered fibers to reach your recommended fiber values. Metamucil comes in orange, berry burst and unflavored varieties. Our citrus-flavored powders and tablets add a kick to your morning. You may even want to keep a fiber cracker snack with you as you feel the munchies throughout the day. Avoid uncomfortable irregularity with a pharmacist-approved fiber supplement. Prevent constipation and bloating with these simple fiber-filled formulas. Speed up your body's digestive process with a gentle yet effective fiber capsule.