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Adult's, Children's Fever Reducers & Kids' Safe Pain Relief

Often, the first sign of an illness is a fever. Fortunately, fever reducers can help lower body temperatures and help you feel better fast. The Online Drugstore offers a large selection of fever reducing medications for both children and adults.

We offer both day and night fever and pain relief for adults. The convenient tablets and gel caps are easy to use and won'€™t cause an upset stomach. Some medications are coupled with other ingredients that address cold and flu symptoms as well, so you can get back to feeling like yourself again in no time.

In addition to adult medications, we also offer a large selection of products designed for children. For fever control, a children's fever reducer is your best bet. We offer a variety of brand name medicine and pain relievers for kids including Pedia Care, Little Fevers, Little Remedies and more. For pain and discomfort associated with minor injuries, vaccinations, colds and other ailments, our children and infant formula pain relievers such as Children's Tylenol are the best solution. Each type of medication comes with dosing instructions, or you can ask your child'€™s pediatrician for help determining the correct amount.

Shop The Online Drugstore for all of your adult and children's fever and pain relief needs. Our impressive selection ensures that you'€™ll find everything you need to keep your entire family feeling their best.