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Fertility and Ovulation

While some couples struggle in their attempts to get pregnant, there are products for want-to-be pregnant women such as ovulation predictors available to help couples to achieve their goal of pregnancy. The Online Drugstore carries a selection of fertility and ovulation products that are affordable and easy to use. One-step ovulation tests will help women to determine the best times to attempt to get pregnant by predicting their most fertile days. These tests are similar to pregnancy tests in that the device is placed in the urine stream for about five seconds. The test is to determine LH surge and results are typically received about five minutes after testing. If the test shows an LH surge, couples should attempt to get pregnant with 24-36 hours after conducting the test. These kits tend to contain several ovulation sticks and the test should be done after the 10th or 11th day of your cycle. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to certify accurate test results.