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Eye Shadow Online

Eye shadows are an integral part of the makeup case for many women, and The Online Drugstore has a large selection of eye shadows online in a variety of brands. We have CoverGirl, Almay and Bonnie Bell eye shadows in assorted colors and affordable prices. Eye shadows are used to compliment the wearer’s eye color and to add depth to your overall look. Experts agree that your selection of eye shadow should be determined by the shape of your eyes. For example, if you have hooded eye lids, you may need to choose a different eye shadow color than colors used for women with almond eyes. Hooded lids create natural shadows meaning that less eye makeup is needed to achieve the desired look. On the other hand, women with Asian eyes are encouraged to use several eye shadows from the same color family to generate a gradation of color over the eye. Of course when it comes to eye shadow, there are few set in stone rules; styles and color choices are matters of personal preference when you're shopping for makeup online. The Online Drugstore is your one-stop-shop for online beauty products. Gather your favorites, spend $49 at least, and get free shipping!