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Eyewear Accessories

It is important to always make sure that your eyes are protected. The Online Drugstore has items from eye occlusion pads to eye patches and contact lens cases. We have plenty of eyewear and glasses accessories for you.

Our Coverlet Eye Occlusor Pads are breathable and provide proven occlusion therapy. We offer eye patches for adults and children to keep the eyes protected all of the time. Extra contact lens cases are always great to have in your medicine cabinet. You never know when they could come in handy.

Take a look at all of the online eyewear accessories, eye drops, MaxiVision products and more offered at The Online Drugstore. Find plenty of first aid items, sexual health products, personal care items, vitamins, and supplements in our convenient online location. In addition to our unbeatable prices we even offer a rewards program for our customers. Order your orthoptic eye patches, eye drops and eyewear accessories today to make sure your eyes are always protected.