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Enemas and Constipation Relief

Constipation relief products such as mineral oil enemas and saline laxatives are available at discount prices at The Online Drugstore. These items do not require a prescription from your doctor, and in addition to the mineral oil and saline laxative products, you can choose products such as mini enemas, like Docusol Mini Enema, that are designed to produce bowel movements within 15 minutes of use and medicines that are specifically design for toddlers and younger children, like Pedia-Lax Enema. Enemas have traditionally been considered something that is used as a last resort when treating constipation. Laxatives and suppositories are usually tried before enemas, and again, although you do not need a prescription to use enemas, many doctors recommend trying the other treatments first. When using enemas, be sure to thoroughly read all of the documentation that is provided with the medicine and drink one or two glasses of water before the enema as the procedure can cause dehydration. Many enema products are contained within disposable squeeze bottles and you can choose to use mineral oil or saline. Enemas are also available as a combination douche enema and water bottle system. This system is good because it can be used more than once. The disposable bottles can only be used once, though some products contain two bottles for two total uses.

Constipation is an uncomfortable feeling and the situation can be made worse if you feel embarrassed buying enemas or enema-related products at your neighborhood drug store. Buying the enema online from The Online Drugstore will take the embarrassment out of the process. All products are discreetly shipped. Prices at The Online Drugstore are very reasonable with savings of more than $1 off of the retail price being the norm and not the exception.