Dress Up

More About Dress Up

In the world of imaginative play toys - that is, pretend and dress up accessories, the landscape has changed fairly significantly from when many of our loyal shoppers were once playing with them. Now, being a make-believe princess or dressing up like a cowboy might not have gone out of fashion, but some of the most popular accessories nearly each and every boy and girl had lying around their homes aren’t as readily accessible as they once were.

Luckily, we’ve got some nostalgic, imaginative play toys here at The Online Drugstore, a division of Thrifty White Pharmacy. If you want to play wild west with your kiddos, you can choose from popular pretend accessories like Super Bank Ring Caps, Big Blast Roll Caps, and Super Bang Big Shot Cap Gun. We’ve also got a Wild West Bowie Knife to complete the ensemble of play cowboy accessories.

In addition to the cowboy gun caps and such, we’ve got other pretend and dress-up toys that your children will love. Among these toys are Farm Animals, J-Ru Bottle Magic, a Jumbo Bag of U.S. Toy Soldiers, Zoo Animals, a Beach Ken Doll, Fashion Bee Beauty Sets, slingshots, handcuffs, toy dart guns for sale, and even a Western Girl Pistol and Holster Set! We think girls should be able to dress up as cowgirls if they want to, after all!

We hope you find what you are looking for here at The Online Drugstore. Since 1884 (yes, seriously), we’ve been providing our loyal customers with a broad range of health, beauty, and recreational products. Far from being your average drugstore, we offer great prices on high-quality goods. So whether you are interested in personal care products, beauty goods, child and baby care inventory, or even our over-the-counter pharmaceutical medicine, we’ve got you covered. And don’t forget - free shipping on all orders over $49! Shop The Online Drugstore today.