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You may have originally thought that every paper doilie is the same as the next. However, our collection of paper doilies for sale at The Online Drugstore will prove it otherwise. We have more than 15 different styles and sizes of paper doilies.

The lace doilie is a classic decoration for elegant parties. From the favorite afternoon tea party to a wedding reception, doilies can transform a table by adding an extra layer of design. We have white, silver, and gold doilies in our collection. Doilies are sold by the pack at The Online Drugstore, and packages range from six doilies to 40, depending on which style you choose. There are also different dimensions of doilie, ranging from four-inch rounds to 12-inch rounds. Bonus: We have six-inch heart doilies that are perfect for Valentine’s Day celebrations.

One thing is for sure at our drugstore: we have affordable prices. Whether you are buying a pack of six or a pack of 40, you won’t spend more than $8 per package — many packages are less than $3 each. The Online Drugstore strives to make party supplies affordable so people on even the tightest budgets can celebrate in style.

We have foil doilies in addition to paper doilies. These are still a lace pattern, but they are made out of foil which gives them a unique look and feel. Choose between gold or silver painted foil doilies.

No matter which doilie package you choose, you’ll surely be satisfied. They are a good, quality product that features beautifully symmetrical designs. Find the pattern that is right for you and your occasion at The Online Drugstore.

When you spend $49 or more at The Online Drugstore, you’ll get free shipping. It’s our way of passing on our gratitude to our loyal shoppers. Plus, shopping with us is convenient. We quickly ship our packages so customers don’t have to wait a few weeks to get these items. It makes party planning on a tight schedule a breeze. Shop now to start decorating soon.