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what-is-gut-health-and-why-are-probiotics.jpgOTC Digestive Health aids are great to keep on hand. We carry the antacid brands you know and trust like Alka-Seltzer and Zantac to keep heartburn in check. Pepto-Bismol is also trusted by our customers for soothing relief of any and all stomach discomfort.   If you suffer from lactose intolerance you are not alone and you can find relief from symptoms today. Constipation can be highly uncomfortable and disruptive. Laxatives, colon cleansers and enemas are a safe and effective way to flush toxins from your system. Note, if you’re dealing with gut issues, it’s important to investigate what the root cause of the issue is and consider supplementing with a probiotic. And to keep foods moving through your system, support your digestive track with dietary fibers.

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