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Dandruff Products

Dandruff is not just embarrassing, it is uncomfortable and unnecessary. Stop dandruff before it reaches your shoulders with The Online Drugstore's remedies for dandruff. Our over-the-counter products for dandruff treatments at home are affordable and customer-approved. Choose from shampoos, conditioners, sprays and drops to relieve even the most severe cases of dandruff.

Our selection includes popular Head and Shoulders products that combine scalp moistening medication with effective cleansing and conditioning ingredients. We carry classic Head and Shoulders items and the latest specialty treatments, including itchy scalp formulas and extra volume shampoo. Selsun Blue is another popular dandruff relief brand. Try our Selsun Salon products for maximum volume and shine.

For severe cases, apply our dermatologist-recommended liquids and sprays. DermaZinc treats both dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis effectively. Eliminate scaling, itching, redness, flaking and overall irritation with Scalpicin. This convenient item can be applied anywhere for fast-acting relief. Find the dandruff relief products that fit every customer's lifestyle at The Online Drugstore. Choose from everyday shampoos and intense as-needed treatments for your scalp.