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It’s time to plan a party! The first thing that comes to mind during party planning is usually what you’ll eat and drink. A party just isn’t a party without some food and beverages. The Online Drugstore has everything you need to make your party complete, especially for the beverages.

Our store sells cups and other birthday party supplies online at very affordable prices.

To start, we have solid-colored cups that hold hot or cold beverages. And these come in many different colors: shimmering silver, black, brown, emerald green, gold, hunters green, ivory, magenta, pink, yellow, navy blue, light blue, purple, orange, and white. This style of cup holds nine ounces and is sold in a package of 24 cups for less than $4. You can throw a party with any theme and find the perfect cups at our store. Since the cups are designed to hold hot or cold beverages, you will be prepared for any drink menu at any time of the year.

Other than traditional, solid-colored cups, The Online Drugstore sells red plastic cups (12 oz cups, 20 cups per package) and clear plastic tumbler cups (9 oz cups, 25 cups per package). Moreover, we have paper nut and party cups in two different sizes so you can quickly serve up a snack that is easy for your guests to carry around in a mini cup.

Our team will gladly order any cup color that is currently out of stock so that you can plan and throw the perfect party.

Best of all, we offer free shipping on all orders over $49, so stock up on everything you’ll need for the party. Don’t waste time wandering from store to store when you can shop online and have it all conveniently delivered to your door. Shop now for cups, and be sure to check out the rest of our party supplies too.