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Cranberry Supplements

Cranberries are a type of edible berry. They are common in foods such as cranberry sauce, juice or muffins. Besides being a tasty addition to the dinner table, cranberry supplements have also been proven to have a positive impact on urinary tract health. When cranberry juice is consumed regularly, or supplements are taken daily, the risk of a urinary tract infection (UTI) decreases. The berries have been used for centuries as a home remedy for UTIs, and recent studies have shown the home remedy is actually quite effective. Cranberry juice works by helping to prevent bacteria from sticking to the sides of the urinary tract, which in turn prevents an infection. Cranberries can also be used to treat current UTIs and have been shown to shorten the recovery time. When you need UTI supplements, you need cranberry extract capsules.

Though cranberries are most often used for urinary tract health, they can also have positive effects on either parts of the body including the skin. Cranberries are thought to be powerful antioxidants. An antioxidant is a substance that can help protect cells from damage. Cranberry supplements are usually taken in pill form and can be used daily. The Online Drugstore carries cranberry supplements by well-known brands like 21st Century, Mason and Nature’s Blend.