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Cough Lozenges and Sore Throat Drops

Sore throats are a common first sign of the onset of a cold. Having a sore throat is not a debilitating experience, but it is an annoyance. Temporary relief can be achieved with cold and cough medicine, and The Online Drugstore has many brands of sore throat and cough drops in stock at low prices. Sore throats usually do not last for the duration of the cold, and they usually subside after a couple of days. The cough lozenge is not meant to cure a sore throat; instead, they are taken to manage sore throat pain and should not be taken over a long period of time as a result. Sore throats associated with the common cold are caused by viruses, and when the virus is eradicated, the sore throat should ease. If your throat remains sore for more than several days, you should see your doctor as your condition may the result of the more severe strep throat or tonsillitis. Cough drops are similar to sore throat lozenges as they are meant to offer relief from rather than cure coughing spells. Coughs also tend to dissipate as the cold virus leaves your body, but if your cough persists, you should see your doctor.