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Cotton Cleaning Swabs

Cotton balls and cotton cleaning swabs are among the many child and baby care items available at The Online Drugstore. Parents can use large cotton swabs moistened with warm water to gently clean their baby’s outer ears, folds in their necks, arms and legs, and between their toes. Cotton swabs can also be used to apply medicines or ointments to small cuts or bruise. Babies may have fun playing with soft cotton balls, but these products also serve a great purpose in child care and skin care for children. Cotton balls can be used to apply medicines to minor injuries, and some parents use cotton balls to apply creams designed to resolve diaper rashes. Of course cotton swabs and cotton balls are not only for use on babies; many women use cotton balls when removing makeup while cotton swabs can be used during household cleaning chores. Packages of cotton balls and swabs are available in a variety of sizes at The Online Drugstore, with all products being very affordable.