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Combs For Hair

One of the keys to maintaining good hair is owning a good comb. The Online Drugstore has many items related to hair care available including a large assortment of combs for hair. We have Scünci and Conair combs that can be purchased as a single comb or in packages containing multiple combs. Styles include dressing combs, pocket combs, lift comb/wide-tooth comb combinations and clinch combs. Clinch combs are a good option for keeping ponytails in place, and these types of combs can be used in place of hair elastics. Wide-tooth can be distinguished from other combs by looking at their teeth; the teeth on wide-tooth combs are spaced farther apart. These combs are good for use on all hair textures and lengths, and the advantage to using a wide-tooth comb is that they can de-tangle wet or dry hair. Dressing combs can also be used on a variety of hair textures, and they are noted for having a slim profile and a straight edge while pocket combs also have a slim profile. The difference is that pocket combs have a slight arch allowing for a more comfortable fit in the pocket. Moreover, we have the best lice comb to get rid of those pests without ruining other combs in the house. We also have a nit comb. If you are searching for a good comb at a great price, The Online Drugstore has the selection you need.