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Cold And Cough Medicines, Ointments and Rubs

Ointments and rubs to combat colds and nasal congestion are classic forms of medicine that have been used for many years. These remedies are among the least invasive medicines on the market, as you do not need to drink anything or spray the medicine into your nose. Cold ointments and rubs such as Vicks VapoRub are traditionally applied to your chest or under your nose to soothe decongestion but these products can be rubbed on any part of the body to temporarily relieve pain and lessen flu-related symptoms. Vapor rubs for coughs are designed for limited use, typically three or five days at a maximum, as adverse effects such as rebound swelling can occur if used over a longer period of time. As with all medicines, you should review instructions on usage that are provided by the manufacturer or consult with your physician prior to taking medications. The Online Drugstore has many cold relief rubs and ointments available for you to choose from, all at low prices.