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Cinnamon Tablets

Natural remedies have been around for ages and so has the fragrant smelling spice of cinnamon. Just a hint of the scent of cinnamon is an instant reminder of fall. However, cinnamon can do more than smell wonderful and add a little kick to a cup of hot chocolate.

Cinnamon has been shown by several different nutrition and health studies to also provide health benefits in addition to adding flavor to certain dishes. The spice, like blueberries, has been shown to act as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are natural-made substances that can prevent the decay or damage of cells.

Cinnamon can also help curb the bodies craving for sweet things since its use encourages you to cut back on processed sugar, which is one of the worst offenders in the American diet.

Studies are underway currently as to whether or not cinnamon can be helpful in the treatment and prevention of diabetes, Parkinson’s and improving brain function.

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