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At Home Cholesterol Test Kits

If you have high cholesterol you're probably familiar with the routine of sitting in a crowded waiting room while you wait to see the doctor and then being subjected to a blood test that takes days or weeks to interpret. Instead of wasting time and money on traditional monitoring through your doctor's office, choose a high-quality at home cholesterol test, like one made by First Check, that can easily and accurately alert you to potential problems without the long wait and high cost.

Home cholesterol tests work by measuring the fat levels in your blood. To use the blood test for cholesterol, you simply prick your finger with a small lancet, then place a drop of blood in the well of the test kit. After as little as 12 minutes, the test kit will be ready read with results for LDL & HDL.

In addition to being easy to use and fast, cholesterol test strips are affordable. They cost under $20, which is a significant savings over a doctor visit and is less than most insurance co-pays. Our high-quality kits are shipped directly to your door, and orders over the minimum requirement qualify for free shipping. Save time and money by ordering an at home cholesterol kit and skipping the long lines at the doctor's office.