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If you love to scrapbook, then you know how costly the supplies can be, which is what makes the fabulous array of cardstock at The Online Drugstore so exciting. The selection is amazing and the prices are even better.

Choose from the colors you want to make your scrapbook sing. There’s even assorted color packs to pick from.

However, cardstock isn’t just for scrapbook projects. If you have kids, cardstock is a wonderful item to keep on hand for projects and book reports. Add cardstock as a backing for a report or poster and you have instant color.

You can also design your own gift tags from cardstock. Hand-made gift tags and greeting cards are so much more personable and they aren’t that difficult to make with cardstock.

The Online Drugstore offers wonderfully affordable prices that you can keep a stash of cardstock in the house for the kids’ projects and yours too.