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Are you searching for awesome birthday candles? How about a pack of tealight candles? Maybe you’re looking for some Stick-Um candle adhesive to help candlesticks stay in their holders. The good news is The Online Drugstore has all of these products and more.

Spiral Birthday Candles

Keep your birthdays classically awesome with spiral candles to help you count the years. The Online Drugstore sells packs of 24 candles for only 87 cents. Celebrating someone older than 24 years and need the candles to match? Rest easy when you know you can buy many packs of candles without breaking the bank. We have packs of blue or white birthday candles.

Tealight Candles

The pack of 50 multi-purpose white tealight candles are only $6.47 at The Online Drugstore. As the name says, you can use these candles for so many different reasons. Use these tealight candles to illuminate your jack-o-lantern during Halloween, set the ambiance for a relaxing bath at home, or keep your favorite candle jars lit even after the initial wax melts. The tealight candles at The Online Drugstore are unscented, so they work great as centerpieces during an exquisite meal, as the scent of the candle won’t overpower the food.

Stick-Um Candle Adhesive

Do you have a candlestick holder that just doesn’t hold your favorite candlesticks very well? Then you need Stick-Um. This candle adhesive never hardens, but it keeps the candle in its place until you’re ready to remove it and wash the holder. Snag this gem of a product for only $2.52 at The Online Drugstore.

From birthday candles to tealight candles and even candlestick adhesive, you can count on us at The Online Drugstore. Spend more than $49 throughout the whole store for free shipping. We get things out our doors fast so they can be in your hands as soon as possible. Shop now!