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Bunions and Toe Care

Bunions are a common and painful affliction. Use our toe separators and padding to relieve uncomfortable bunion pressure during everyday activities. Dr. Scholl's is famous for their advanced podiatry care. If you are suffering from bunion pain, trust none other than Dr. Scholl's for the most comfortable bunion remedies. Peel and stick a bunion cushion onto your foot. Each bandage is made of soft felt with an included waterproof adhesive to hold your bunion pad in place. Try Dr. Scholl's moleskin and molefoam padding to customize your bandage application. Moleskin and molefoam are designed to stay in place and slide smoothly under hosiery, making them great bunion care products.

Flex-Tastic offers a convenient toe separator. Use this toe separator for temporary relief from rubbing and chafing. Our generic lamb's wool and bunion spacers are an affordable way to protect against your foot's sore spots. Keep Profoot toe bandages handy for increased protection and comfort all day long. These multi-layered wraps will pad your toes where traditional bandages often fail to reach.