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Treatment for Mosquito Bite Relief and Insect Repeller

As the rate of West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis increases in American mosquitoes, it is all the more important to apply insect repeller. Cutter, Ben'€™s and BullFrog repellent sprays are designed to send mosquitoes on their ways and away from you. Protect yourself for up to eight hours with our pleasant-smelling sprays. Our repellent wipes are a great alternative to traditional sprays. These wipes are designed for easy transportation. Keep a packet handy for adventures in the woods and summertime backyard barbeques. Cutter Bug-Free Backyard Fogger will create an insect shield around your patio or other outdoor space. Spray our Backyard Fogger before your next outdoor event, and enjoy bug-free fun.

If you forgot your bug spray, you may need an anti-itch topical treatment. Insect bite relief products stop swelling and itching fast. Reduce the appearance of bug bites while eliminating discomfort with our After-Bite itch eraser, Benadryl ready-mist and other soothing solutions. Cortizone-10 Quick Shot relieves many minor skin irritations, including poison ivy, eczema, dermatitis, and bites. Keep this multi-purpose spray handy in your medicine cabinet for quick and necessary insect bite relief.