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Bronzer Blush

Bronzers provide women with an easy way to get a sun-tanned look to their faces without actually tanning. The Online Drugstore has many face makeup products in stock, including CoverGirl bronzers. Applying bronzer blush is a similar process to applying cheek blush in that it is applied just below the cheekbone. Bronzer is a powder and is worked onto your skin by using a bronzer brush. Unlike blush, bronzer can be used on other areas of your face, such as your forehead, nose and chin. Basically, think of all of the areas on your face that the sun would naturally hit and apply bronzer to those spots. You will want to distribute bronzer evenly on your face, blending the bronzer in an up and out motion. The goal is to achieve a natural look, so you do not want to apply too much bronzer. It also acts as a great blush for dark skin. If you have determined that the first application is too light, you can always add more. The end result of using blush and bronzers is to achieve a healthy, sun-kissed appearance rather than a bronze or deep tan look.