​What Are Your Nails Telling You?

​What Are Your Nails Telling You?

Nails. You paint them, you bite them. You can let them grow long or keep them short, but did you know they can actually let you know what’s going on internally? Nails are one of the best indicators of wellness and can tell you a story of your current health.

At The Online Drugstore, we realize that healthy nails are a part of most people’s beauty regimen. Find products to keep them healthy such as emery boards and clippers, and if you need a little extra support to combat nail fungus, we have that too. We offer a safe online pharmacy and online health products to keep everyone flourishing in wellness! Your nails can help relay important health issues, so follow along and find out what to look for.

What Your Nails Are Saying

Everyone comes with a unique set of nails and sometimes they can tell us about our health. So, the next time you go to paint or trim them, take a second look and see if they have any of the features mentioned below.

  • Clubbed nails - The prominent feature on clubbed nails is a large curvature in the entire nail that flares out with little tip growth. This can warn of low oxygen levels, is a sign of lung disease, liver disease, and cardiovascular disease. If this sounds like you, schedule an appointment with a health professional.
  • Green nails - If your nails have a green spot, this could indicate a bacterial infection that has resulted from a splinter or ingrown fingernail. Find relief with a diluted vinegar or tea tree oil hand soak or antibiotics.
  • Yellow nails - Yellowish nails could be a result of a fungal infection or psoriasis under the nail bed, or if you’re a smoker, nicotine can also tint the nails. If you notice your nails are thick and yellow, this could result from chronic bronchitis.
  • White nails - If you have little specks of white in your nails, this can be a result of trauma such as dropping something on your nail or smacking it against a hard surface, and should disappear. If they hang around, this could indicate liver or kidney disease.
  • Ridged or lumpy nails - When there is trauma to your nails, inflammation, medication, or surgery, your nails can become a little lumpy and abnormal. The growth pattern is affected with any of these issues, so with a little patience your nails should grow back smooth and beautiful.
  • Cracked or splitting nails - Splitting or cracked nails can hint that you need more collagen, or if you get a lot of manicures and are constantly removing polish or acrylic, your nails are bound to split, break, and crack. If you’re in an industry where you’re constantly washing and drying your hands such as a nurse of chef, your nails can get weak and are prone to splitting. Try a collagen product or biotin supplement for healthier, stronger nails.
  • Beau’s lines - If you have horizontal lines running your nails, you could have a condition called Beau’s lines. These can be caused from malnourishment, a zinc deficiency, diabetes, or pneumonia.
  • Mee’s lines - Mee’s lies are similar to Beau’s lines, however they are a white color and indicate arsenic poisoning. If you’re concerned, have your doctor take a hair sample and test for arsenic in your body.
  • Terry’s nails - This is a nail condition that has a dark, thick, red band that towards the tip of the nail. Generally this is a sign of aging, but it can be indicative of congestive heart failure, diabetes, and liver disease.
  • Specific fingernail irregularities to see your doctor for:
  • Changes in nail shape
  • Changes in nail color.
  • Changes in the thickness.
  • Painful nails
  • Nails separating from the skin.
  • Nail swelling or redness.
  • Bleeding nails.
  • Pitted nails.

Nails can be a great window to your health if you take a moment and look at what they’re telling you. If your nails are anything but smooth and they present clubbing, pitting, or are an abnormal color, it may be wise to check it out.

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22nd Jun 2018

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