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Taming Frizzy Hair In The Summer Humidity

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During the summer season, many locations across the country experience high levels of humidity. For those who have naturally curly, wavy, or coarse hair, this high humidity can lead to a whole lot of frizz. If you suffer from summertime frizz, we are here to help with some tips for taming frizzy hair in the summer humidity.

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Embrace Your Hair’s Natural Style

When the summer heat hits and the humidity starts to turn your hair into a ball of frizz, it is important that you learn how to work with your natural hair style instead of working against it. When your hair is prone to frizziness, the last thing you want to do is overstyle it.

For example, if you have naturally curly hair, a hot, humid day is not the right time to straighten your hair. When you work against your hair’s natural style, you will be more prone to a hair disaster midday. That hour you spent straightening every strand will go to waste as the humidity undoes your work.

Instead, choose to embrace your natural style and work with it during the hot summer months. Keep in mind that while you might be annoyed with your thick, wavy hair, other people might actually envy this beautiful style. Instead of hating your hair and working against what you have, embrace it fully and give your hair some room to shine. Choosing a natural style will give your hair the best chance at staying healthy and looking beautiful.

Opt For Simple Hairstyles

During the summer heat, leaving your curls down can lead to being too warm and can cause you to walk around in an angry sweat. While we mentioned above that you don’t want to work against your hair on a humid day, you can still opt for hairstyles that will cool you off.

Something simple like a loose, flowing side braid can help keep you cooler and won’t put any strain on your hair. You can also style your hair into a bun resting atop your head to cut down on how hot you are and how much frizz can form. Controlling your hair through braids, buns, and ponytails can be a great way to avoid turning into a ball of frizzy hair.

Don’t Overwash Your Hair

Your hair has a natural balance of oils that keeps it from drying out and breaking. When you overwash your hair, you strip your hair of those natural oils and can cause damage to the strands. Dried out hair will become increasingly frizzy and can break much easier in the humidity than healthy hair.

Instead of washing your hair every single day, try to build out an every-other-day schedule for your hair. While you might feel like it is too greasy and oily the first couple of weeks, your hair will adjust to your new washing schedule and will produce the right balance of oils to keep your hair much healthier and less prone to frizzing. If you want to continue your showers without washing your hair, purchase a shower cap to keep your hair protected.

Sleep On Silk Pillowcases

Surprisingly, while you are sleeping, you could be damaging your hair. During the night while you toss and turn, your hair can become tangled and pulled at by your pillowcases. Cheap pillowcases are extremely abrasive and will lead to broken hair. This is particularly true if you sleep with your hair wet, when it is at its weakest. Opt for a silk pillowcase to give your hair the best protection.

You can also put your hair into a gentle braid at night to prevent it from becoming a tangled mass. This will help keep your strands from being damaged overnight, which will lead to less frizz and flyaways during the daytime. Avoid using any hair ties that are too tight and opt for a soft scrunchy instead. When possible, do not sleep on wet hair as it will be more difficult to style the next day.

Use An Anti-Frizz Serum

When you want to fight daytime frizz, one of your best friends will be a leave-in serum. An anti-frizz serum, such as this Garnier Fructis Anti-Frizz Serum, will go a long way in keeping your hair tame throughout the entire day. While your hair produces its own natural oils to help protect it against humidity, a serum will go a long way in sealing it against the extra hot days.

Using an anti-frizz serum daily will help to create healthier, sleeker hair in the long run. Make sure that you use the appropriate amount as too much serum can weigh down your hair. Most anti-frizz serums are applied right after you shower into damp hair and should be left in all day.

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