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Stuff Your Baby Doesn’t Really Need

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There are hundreds of newborn baby products, a vast array of things that the manufacturers claim you absolutely must buy for your baby. We’re told as new parents we need all this stuff to raise a healthy child. But the truth is, for thousands of years parents had babies and got by perfectly fine without owning a locally made wipes warmer.

Keep reading for a few products that, honestly, you don’t really need.

  • You know how we mentioned wipes warmers? Take a moment and think, what precisely do they do? Really, they just keep a cold wipe from touching your baby’s rear end. If that’s a concern to you, just warm up a washcloth in warm water.
  • Some parents will become enchanted by a crib set they see while shopping for a crib. These sets usually cost upwards of $100 and include a comforter, bumper pads, sheets, some pillows, a dust ruffle, a mobile, and perhaps some curtains. Problem is, there’s a risk of suffocation with bumper pads, pillows, loose blankets and quilts. All you really need are single fitted sheets, a few waterproof mattress pads in case of accidents, and a dust ruffle to tie the whole thing together.
  • Bassinets can be fun and great looking. However, they’re also an almost complete waste of money. Why? The main problem is that their weight limit is pretty low, and babies pack on the pounds quickly. A smarter buy is a Pack N’ Play, which have enormous versatility. You can use them at home, bring them along for trips, and they can keep your baby entertained if you’re busy. For those of us who are prepping for an infant and are on a budget, it’s a no-brainer.