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Spring Makeup Trends You Need to Master Today

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It might only be February, but Spring really is right around the corner! What better way to spend the long, cold evenings of winter than practising your makeup for spring? That's why we've put together as list of the hottest spring makeup trends and stocked our store with the online beauty products you'll need to pull them off. Here is our list of the trends you'll need to be on top of by the time spring starts to thaw out this winter chill! 

Hottest Makeup Trends for Spring 2018

More Metallic Than Ever

Metallic powders, gels, liners and lipsticks hit the scene in a big way in 2017 but they aren't going anywhere just yet. In fact, you are going to see more of them on the shelves than ever before. Look for lots of metallic highlighters especially; it's a great way to boost your skin without resorting to bold or overwhelming colors. Metallic eyeliners and lipsticks are a must-have in your makeup kit in the spring, too. Just be sure to choose one or two to use with your look; going overboard with the golds could leave you looking like you've been touched by King Midas.

Bigger, Bolder Eyeliner

One of the biggest makeup trends seen on the runway for spring was unusual, bold, and big eyeliner. If you've been practising your cat eye swoop, then you'll be prepared for what's coming next. The cat-eye shape is still on trend, but rounded edges and more graphic shapes are going to dominate. Stock up on eyeliners in bold colors and get ready to apply them with a heavy hand. It's a great look that feels mod but updated. 

Nude Lipsticks Are Here to Stay

Your eye makeup might be getting bigger and bolder, but your lips are getting more natural. To counterbalance the effect of the big and bold eye makeup, you'll need to stock up on plenty of nude lipsticks. It's a good compliment to graphic eyeliners, since the nude color allows your eyes to be the standout star on your face. Invest in some high-quality lipsticks and lip liners in colors that go well with your skin tone. 

Mermaid Colors Made to Shine

If you are trying to plan out your color palette for spring, gaze upon some mermaid art for color inspiration. Mermaid-inspired hues of purple, turquoise, blues and greens are going to be the hot ones to add to your makeup collection. That will be true for eyes, lips, and nail polish as well. It might be worth investing in some key pieces for your wardrobe that will compliment all the gorgeous mermaid-inspired makeup you'll be applying in a few months. It's sure to look great on land and at sea.

Highlight Your Skin

Your skin is going to be taking a leading role in your look this spring if you plan on following the hot trends. There is less of an emphasis on covering up and more of an emphasis being placed on highlighting your natural beauty. That's going to allow your bold, graphic eye makeup and nude lips to take the center stage. But you'll want to make sure that your skin looks it's absolute best so you don't have to spend time applying too much foundation and concealer. The name of the game this spring will be natural beauty, so let those imperfections that make you who you are shine through. 

Make Sure Skin is Ready for New Makeup Looks

It's not just makeup that you'll want to stock up on for spring. You need to make sure your skin is handle to handle all these great looks. The Online Drugstore has you covered! We carry a selection of items that are made to pamper your skin, giving you a flawless skin foundation to work with when building your favorite spring looks. Don't forget to pick up: 

  • Cleansers. Look for cleansers that aren't so harsh they wash away all of your skin's natural oils; that can actually make your skin more greasy in the long run. 
  • Moisturizers. If you only use one thing on your skin, this should be it! Use one during the day with an SPF to protect you from the sun and a heavier one at night for deep skin nourishment. 
  • Serums. Serums are like little drops of concentrated nourishment for your skin. There are different serums for whatever issues your skin is experiencing, from wrinkles to acne to dryness and more. Pick up a few to add into your daily and weekly skincare routine. 

We have all the online beauty products you need! From skincare to makeup and more, you'll find it in The Online Drugstore. Place an order for the products that you need today and we'll include the shipping on your order for free when you spend $49 or more. Stock up on your spring beauty routine must-haves today!