Protect Your Baby from Diaper Rash

Diaper rash (diaper dermatitis) can be a serious issue for your child, occurring during those trying diaper-wearing years (birth to three years usually). However, it is most common in the seven to nine month range. Rest assured you’re not alone or a bad parent. There are several common reasons your child may be suffering from diaper rash and luckily we have several child care products to cure and protect your baby’s bum. After all, only Santa should have rosy cheeks.

Here are several causes of diaper rash that can be easily treated with a baby care product.

  • Wetness. Given the environment of diapers, there is bound to be some mixing of urine and bacteria from your child’s stool. The mixing of these two things after breaking down will lead to the creation of ammonia, which is very harsh on the skin. Children with diarrhea or who have many bowel movements in a short period of time are more likely to end up with diaper rash due to excessive amounts of these two things.
  • Chafing and Sensitivity. Making sure your child is wearing a properly fitting diaper can prevent chafing. Children with fragrance or chemical sensitivities are particularly prone to this. Even if you use strictly cloth diapers, the detergent you have may be causing a rash. This condition is know as contact dermatitis. If you think this may be the cause, try one of our natural products as an alternative. Check out our fragrance free wipes and diapers to ensure you’re eliminating these potential causes with our options from our wide selection of child care supplies.
  • Change in Diet. As they grow, babies are in a constant state of trying new things. The whole world is new to them and, equally so, affects them. This extends to food as well. Especially transitioning from liquids to soft foods, they may experience higher levels of acidity in their diets from fruits, fruit juices, etc. These new foods not only change the composition of your child’s stool but also the frequency of the bowel movements. Even if they are still just breastfeeding, keep in mind that everything you eat passes on to them.
  • Medicine. Not all bacteria is bad bacteria. When you or your baby are on a antibiotic, a yeast infection can develop because of the removal of good bacteria. While doing their job, antibiotics can remove the healthy bacteria meant to keep the yeast in line due to their broad reaching effects.

Now that we have discussed potential causes, let’s go over a few tips for avoiding diaper rash. Keep in mind sometimes it is impossible to avoid, but we want to help you do your best for your child before it starts.

  • Change their diapers often. Try a quick check frequently throughout the day. Worst case scenario, you get to spend a little extra time with your little bundle.
  • Harsh washing techniques can irritate the skin more and cause unnecessary pain. Gentle and thorough are key when bathing your child or changing a diaper. Try one of our fragrance-free, non-irritating cleansers. Depending on the severity of the rash and your child, sometimes a cotton ball and some water might be your safest bet.
  • Avoid snug diapers. Put their diaper on loosely or try on that is a little big in order to provide better air circulation. Experiment with different types of diapers in order to find your child’s perfect fit in type and size.
  • Ointment is key before and during a case of diaper rash. It provides a barrier between your child’s skin and the urine and stool. Even on sore, inflamed skin it is necessary. Petroleum jelly and diaper rash creams are perfect for protecting your baby from rashes. This is a particularly important step if your child is already prone to diaper rash and skin sensitivity in general.

Diaper rash is preventable and, when it strikes, it’s easily treated. Knowing your child is in pain and you can’t fix it immediately is one of the worst feelings a parent can have, which is why we aim to create a solution to your child’s tears with our large inventory of baby care products. Shop our selection of child care product now and save yourself the hassle of waiting in line at the store later.

21st Sep 2016

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