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Must-Have Products for Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is miraculous! Your body shifts and changes to meet the needs of the little person growing inside of you. And while that all sounds good in the beginning, pregnancy can become incredibly uncomfortable as time goes by. Your skin starts to stretch, hormones do crazy things to your hair and skin, and you mood could become a tad unpredictable. The best thing to do for yourself or for a loved one who is pregnant is to keep plenty of these products for pregnant women on hand. These are some of the popular items in our online store that help expectant mothers stay comfortable and happy until baby arrives. 

Pick Up These Products for Pregnant Women Online

Mother's Friend Body Skin Lotion, Original Formula

During pregnancy, your skin will go through a lot. It stretches to accommodate your growing belly, and hormones might make it dry, itchy and flaky. Mother's Friend Body Skin Lotion will help you overcome all of those symptoms. Simply smooth on the rich, creamy formula and hydrate and nourish your skin. You'll love the way it doesn't stay greasy and soaks in for long-lasting skin protection. 

Thrifty White Prenatal Multivitamin/Multimineral

Prenatal multivitamins are a must-have during pregnancy, but they don't have to cost you a fortune. We like this option from Thrifty White Pharmacy. You can take this prenatal option before, during and after pregnancy to ensure your body is getting all of the vitamins and minerals that it needs for both you and baby.

Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum

Morning sickness is often a misnomer; it can actually be morning sickness, afternoon sickness, evening sickness or any-time-of-the-day sickness. This ginger gum can help put a stop to those symptoms. This box includes 24 pieces, so you can pop one in whenever you are starting to feel nauseated. The soothing properties of ginger will go right to your stomach and could help settle it down.

Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads

It's not one of the more glamorous parts of pregnancy, but hemorrhoids are a reality for many expectant mothers. These Tucks pads have witch hazel, which does double duty of soothing the burning sensation and protecting your backside from further irritation. Great for after childbirth, too. 

VitaFusion Prenatal Adult Gummies in Assorted Flavors

Hate swallowing pills? That can make it tough to find a good prenatal vitamin, until now! This gummies offers a full dose of all the necessary prenatal goodness in one convenient fruit-flavored chew. Just take two a day and you'll get everything you and baby need to help with healthy growth and pregnancy. 

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Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, these are products that every expectant mother needs at home to make her pregnancy as comfortable as possible. You can stock up on these items in our online store today, where we'll ship them for free when you spend $49 or more on your order. Shop the Online Drugstore today for great prices and free delivery options!