Makeup Essentials for Your Everyday Routine

Makeup Essentials for Your Everyday Routine

While your “normal” routine may look a little bit different these days, we’re guessing that you still get up every morning, get dressed, and at least brush your hair a little bit. Maybe your life has gone back to normal a bit and you’re back to work at the office, or maybe you’re still working from home. Whatever the case may be, a little bit of makeup can be the difference between feeling good and feeling great as you go throughout your day.

In today’s blog from The Online Drugstore, we’ll fill you in on all the makeup and beauty essentials that should be included in your everyday routine — if they aren’t already. From cleansers to a finishing touch of mascara, what are your favorite makeup choices? We offer a wide range of the most popular beauty brands and products that you can order online at great prices and have them shipped to your door. With The Online Drugstore, you no longer need to make trips to your local drugstore to restock your beauty supplies. We have everything you need — shop today!


It’s always a good idea to start the day with a fresh palette — especially when that palette is your face! Before applying makeup, give your face a good wash with a cleanser that you love. It will remove any makeup residue from yesterday and any oils that accumulated overnight so that they don’t get trapped under your new layer of makeup.


good primer will smooth the surface of your skin and make applying your base foundation much easier. Don’t be afraid to test out different primers until you find one that you love. A little bit of primer goes a long way, so squeeze a small dollop onto your fingers and spread it evenly around your face for a nice, smooth and even glow.


Choosing the right foundation for your skin is a trial-and-error process. It can be difficult to find a foundation that matches the color of your skin, especially throughout the summer if the tint of your skin is changing from time spent in the sun. The skin on your face is different from the skin anywhere else on your body, so do your best to find a foundation that matches, that feels light, and that blends easily without caking.

The Online Drugstore has an array of foundations and beauty products to get you started. With brands like CoverGirl, Revlon, and Wet n’ Wild®, we’re sure you’ll be able to find what you need.


Once you’ve finished with a great-matching foundation, you can add a little more color back to your face with a light brushing of blush on your cheeks and cheekbones. Add a touch of blush at the tip of your nose as well for an extra glow.

We have a great selection of blushes and bronzers to choose from at The Online Drugstore, and with our great prices, you can stock up on all of your favorites.

Eyebrow Pencil

If you’ve been blessed with naturally full and beautifully shaped eyebrows, feel free to skip right over this part. If you haven’t, an eyebrow pencil can, some days, make all the difference in the world in helping you feel “put together.” Once you’ve laid the foundation (no pun intended) for looking your best, the last steps are your eyes and eyebrows. Choose a natural eyebrow pencil that matches the actual color of your brows and fill them in using small, soft strokes. The goal is to make your brows look as natural as possible, so if you act like you’re drawing hairs on your face, you’ll have the best results. Go easy, you can always add more as needed.


Mascara adds life to your eyes and can even trick people into thinking you are more awake than you may feel. A layer or two of a good, non-clumping mascara can brighten up your eyes and bring some dramatic flair to your eyelashes without overdoing it. Mascara is another good beauty product to test until you find one that you fall in love with.

We have some of the best brand name mascaras available — check out the whole selection at The Online Drugstore to find the one you love today!

Chapstick or Gloss

The final essential beauty product that is a must for your morning routine (and throughout the whole day, if we’re honest), is a great chapstick or gloss to keep your lips soft and plump all day long. This can be kept in your pocket or purse too so that you can continuously reapply throughout the day! Whether you’re a Burt’s Bees, Nivea, Carmex, or Chapstick lover, we have everything you need. Stock up so that you never run out of chapstick when you need it most by shopping at The Online Drugstore today.

Get Your Makeup and Beauty Essentials From The Online Drugstore Today

By now, you’ve got a great, natural look that will compliment any outfit and leave you feeling great throughout the day. A few makeup essentials can make you feel great as you go through your daily routine — no matter what that routine may be. During a time when getting out of the house and getting the things you need may not be as easy as it once was, The Online Drugstore is still here for you. Get your favorite beauty products from the most popular brands shipped directly to your doorstep when you shop at The Online Drugstore today!

24th Jun 2020 The Online Drugstore

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