How To Get Your Young Child To Love Brushing

When it comes to taking care of your kiddo, you’d do almost anything to make sure they build good, healthy habits. Brushing their teeth is one of the most important dental habits they should form. However, not all kids are thrilled when it is time to brush their teeth.

If you have a child who throws a tantrum at the sight of their toothbrush, check out these helpful tips to teach your child to love brushing. Remember, you can purchase all the child care products you need, right here, through our online store. Pick up what you need today without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Create A Reward System

When you are teaching a young child a new task, it often helps to associate something positive with the task. For example, you might have a system of rewards for the number of chores they complete in a week. Take this concept and apply it to brushing their teeth.

You can start by creating a sticker chart where they can keep track of every morning and evening they brush their teeth. Then decide on how many brushings earn them a reward. For really young kids, you will need to make the reward happen frequently enough to keep them engaged. A small child will have a hard time waiting two weeks to build up enough points to get a reward. For older kids, you can extend the number of days between rewards to help them learn how to stick with a discipline.

You can also have a stipulation that a brushing only counts if it was done without a fight or a fuss.

Rewards can be as simple as allowing them to pick an extra story at bedtime or more substantial, such as picking out a new toy (From The Online Drugstore of course!). Whatever you land on, make sure it is something that will motivate your child and help them to feel accomplished when they stick with brushing their teeth.

By associating something positive with the act of brushing, you will not only motivate your child to brush but you will instill in them a good association with this much-needed task.

Choose Fun Toothpaste

For many kids, the strong mint of normal toothpaste can be too much for their acute taste buds to handle. Not only that, many kids will accidentally swallow toothpaste, which can make adult toothpaste a bad idea. Stick to toothpastes that were designed for young kids and are safe if swallowed — fluoride-free.

Let your child pick out their favorite flavors of toothpaste and purchase a few. This will give them options so they don’t become bored with the same flavor.

A superb option for a kid-friendly toothpaste is Burt's Bees for Kids Fluoride-Free Toothpaste in Fruit Fusion Flavor. This fruity toothpaste is safe and enjoyable for kids, and with 4.2 oz of product, it offers a natural choice for maintaining their oral hygiene.

Use A Kid-Friendly Toothbrush

Not only will you want to purchase a toothpaste that was designed for little mouths, you will also want to choose a fun toothbrush that was created for their small hands and teeth. The wrong toothbrush can hurt your child’s gums, which will discourage them from the activity. A toothbrush that is too big can also be difficult for a small child to maneuver, making brushing a tedious chore.

Opt for a toothbrush specifically designed for their age range. For example, this Crest kid’s toothbrush has a handle that makes it easy for a young child to hold on to the toothbrush. It also features a cute design, which will make brushing teeth a fun activity for your child. Let you kid pick out their choice of a fun toothbrush to help encourage them to enjoy it.

Teach The Importance Of Healthy Living

Brushing your teeth is an important part of leading a healthy life. When you encourage your children to think about healthy living as lifestyle, you can help them see activities, such as brushing, as a good thing. Talk to your kids frequently about healthy lifestyle choices and why they are important. Encourage them to think of their own ideas for healthy living as well.

Make sure you also lead by example. If you don’t take good care of your own teeth, your kids will pick up on that. Most children will mimic actions more than they will follow words.

When you implement healthy living in your child’s life across the board, it teaches your child discipline from a young age and makes activities, such as brushing, much easier to tackle. Even little kids can learn a lot about building good habits. Use brushing as a way to reinforce the idea of self-discipline and making good choices for their health.

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21st May 2018

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