How to Quickly Feel Better After Overeating at Thanksgiving

How to Quickly Feel Better After Overeating at Thanksgiving

Have you overdone it on the turkey? Squeezed in an extra slice of pumpkin pie when you knew it wasn't a good idea?

We’re not here to judge – we’ve all done it.

Fortunately, relief from this distinct type of stomach discomfort is possible. Read on to discover how to quickly feel better after overeating at Thanksgiving.

Medicine Solutions for Overeating at Thanksgiving

           Pepto bismol for thanksgiving overeating

Here are your options for solving your discomfort with digestive medicine. But no matter how terrible you’re feeling, always remember to read the label to understand the appropriate frequency and dosage, and avoid anything that will cause an adverse reaction to any medication you’re already taking.

Take an OTC Stomach Medicine

Tums for relief from thanksgiving overeating

If you’re experiencing heartburn or acid reflux, over-the-counter (OTC) stomach medicines like antacids can provide quick stomach discomfort relief. They’ll neutralize stomach acids and help to relieve any immediate discomfort and pain you’re feeling.

Choose from a selection of chewable tablets, dissolvable remedies, and more from our antacids range.

If you prefer taking a liquid antacid, we have plenty of those available, too!

View our full range of liquid antacids to find the best one for you.

Ease the Pain with Gas Relief Medications

Gas-x for gas relief from thanksgiving overeating

If heartburn or acid reflux isn’t the problem, it may be that overeating has left you feeling bloated and with trapped or excess gas.

In that case, you need our gas relief medications to ease your stomach and leave you feeling more like yourself.

Get Ahead of the Game with Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes to aid healthy digestion

If you're reading this pre-Thanksgiving because you know you'll overeat and are stocking up your pharmacy cupboard at home, another option is to get ahead of the game with digestive enzymes.

Our selection of digestive enzymes will help get your stomach set up for Thanksgiving and may help you deal with the adverse effects of consuming foods like dairy. Of course, if you experience lactose or other intolerances and reactions, it's always better to avoid these entirely rather than diving straight in just because it's Thanksgiving!

How to Offset Thanksgiving Overeating Discomfort Without Medicine

Taking OTC stomach remedies like antacids and gas relief medicines is great – but you can only take so much at a time! Here are some other medicine-free ideas that will help your stomach feel better. 

Ease Stomach Discomfort By Drinking Gentle Tea

organic peppermint tea for overeating relief

Herbal teas are a great way to let nature deal with your stomach discomfort. Aim for something caffeine-free so you don't end up staying up too late when a good night's sleep is another thing that you will benefit from.

Try this organic belly comfort peppermint tea, which promotes healthy digestion, to settle your stomach and help you feel better.

Aid Digestion By Taking a Walk

Assuming the weather allows you to, then a stroll with the dog or your loved ones – or everyone at home! – is an excellent way to stimulate digestion and ease those heavy feelings of discomfort lying across your stomach.

And what better way to end Thanksgiving than with a night-time fall walk?!

Have a Lie Down

Sometimes, having a lie down can help relieve feelings of stomach discomfort and indigestion. The best approach is to elevate your legs, as believe it or not, this can help to reduce blood flow to your digestive system, which works to slow down digestion and can ease discomfort.

However, you must also remember to prop up your head and upper body, or you could quickly end up with acid reflux instead of a heavy-feeling stomach!

Alternatively, if you feel like you need to go to bed to sleep, then do so. While your sleep can be disturbed by your body going through the digestive process, a good seven to nine hours will help you reset and feel at least a little better in the morning.

Try Gentle Stretches and Deep Breathing

You don’t need to undergo a full-on yoga workout, but gentle stretching and deep breathing can help to release any tension you’re feeling and positively impact the digestion process by increasing oxygen flow around your body.

If it's a pleasant evening, but you don't want to go for a walk, simply taking a few minutes to yourself in the garden can make a significant difference to how you're feeling.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated after overeating can be tricky because you don’t want to make yourself feel bloated.

The best way to approach this is to sip water regularly, but don't gulp down lots of it all at once.

And speaking of drinking…

Lay Off the Alcohol

Even if you’re feeling the effects of overeating, it’s tempting to keep the Thanksgiving spirit going by continuing to consume alcohol. But that’s just giving your body more to deal with on top of the discomfort you’re feeling as it digests your turkey, pumpkin pie, and everything else you’ve eaten.

Give your body time to deal with what’s already there rather than adding more into the mix.

And by the same token, there’s nothing wrong with leaving leftovers uneaten!

Final Thoughts on Feeling Better After Overeating at Thanksgiving

There are many Thanksgiving traditions we share, and for some of us, overeating is just another one of those!

While it's always great to enjoy the festivities, remember to listen to your body and give yourself the time to recover if you overdo it a little. And don't ever feel guilty about enjoying yourself!

Whether you opt for medical or natural remedies, there are many ways you can relieve the discomfort of overindulgence. From a medical perspective, you'll find everything you need here at The Online Drugstore.

14th Nov 2023 The Online Drugstore

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