Tips For Helping Your Elderly Parent Who Lives Alone

Tips For Helping Your Elderly Parent Who Lives Alone

If you are a child with an elderly parent, you undoubtedly think about their safety and well-being a lot. This is particularly true if your aging parent lives alone. There are numerous concerns as your parent gets along in years, such as their safety and their mental wellness. From stumbles and falls that can cause much bigger issues than when they were young to depression setting in from a lack of daily activity, it is easy to feel helpless as our parents age.

The good news is that you can help your parent live a safe and fulfilling life, even in their twilight years. The fact that you care about your parent is a great start. Armed with compassion and knowledge, you can assist your parent in continuing to enjoy a high quality of life at home. Shop our drugstore online for the supplies your loved one needs and check out the following tips for helping your elderly parent who lives alone.

Tip #1: Check In With Them Frequently

Perhaps one of the best things you can do for an elderly parent is to ensure you are checking in with them frequently. This will help you keep track of both their physical and mental health. Letting too many days go by without at least a quick phone call can leave you feeling disconnected and your parent isolated.

If you live nearby, try to visit your parent at least once a week. Having this weekly check-in can help ensure your parent feels connected to the outside world, particularly if they aren’t capable of leaving the home very often. If you live far away, make sure you are calling them frequently. Even a quick phone chat can help your parent know that you are looking out for them. This will help you notice if something is amiss as well.

Tip #2: Send Them Just-Because Gifts

Whether you live nearby and can pop in for frequent visits or your parent is across the country, sending just-because gifts is a wonderful way to help bring happiness to their day. We can send your order directly to them, just fill out the ship to address. You don’t have to go all-out on these presents. Rather, the goal is to help your loved one realize that you think of them often.

You can put together a simple care package once a month that you send their way. Maybe you can include their favorite candies and a puzzle. Perhaps you will send them sewing materials or another item that fuels their hobby. Help them see how much they are cared for with a quick monthly gift.

Tip #3: Help Them Create A Schedule

Having a schedule goes a long way in keeping your loved one safe and fulfilled. Sitting around the house can cause their muscles to weaken and make them more prone to falls. Not only that, but having no day-to-day activities can take a toll on their mental health as well.

Create a daily schedule and routine with them. Think about different tasks around the house they can handle. If they are still up to it, add in a daily walk around the neighborhood or visit to the local grocery store. Getting them out and about will help ensure they keep active mentally and physically.

Add into their schedule times they check in with the family or visit with a friend. This will help you keep tabs on how they are doing each day and will alert you to any illness or injuries right away.

Tip #4: Know When To Ask For Help

You might do your very best to help your parent in every way. Perhaps as their health deteriorates, you move in with them to ensure they can continue living in their own home. Make sure that as you care for your aging parent, you know when to step back and reach out for help. Help could be something as simple as having a home healthcare provider check up on your parent once a week so you have a day off from this duty. It could be something bigger, such as having a health aid move in with your elderly parent to provide ongoing assistance.

In some cases, the help you need is simply a night out with a friend who can listen to your worries and help you let go of the stress. Remember, as much as you want to help your parent live a wonderful independent life, there is only so much you can do and you have to learn to let yourself take a mental break.

Tip #5: Purchase The Right Safety Products

Finally, the right safety products for your loved one’s home will be vital to their well-being. Everything from pill planners to shower stools to rubber cane tips will go a long way in keeping your loved one healthy and safe. Take some time walking through your parent’s home. Are there obvious tripping hazards or concerns? Do they have a proper railing in their bathroom? Are they walking around the house in slippery socks? Think through their daily routine and look for areas where safety is compromised.

You can shop our array of bathroom safety aidsmobility aidsmedicine accessories, and more to find everything you need to keep your parent as safe as possible in their own home. Retaining independence is important to most of us as we age. Help your parent keep this treasured aspect of their life by providing them assistance with creating a hazard-free home. Shop our drugstore online for the products you need and help your parent stay safe.


2nd Apr 2019

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