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Dog Collars, Leashes, And Harnesses 101

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You’re on your way home from the shelter with your new puppy in tow, when you have that sudden realization: you don’t have a dog collar, let alone a leash.

You hop online and do a quick search for dog collars, leashes, and harnesses, but you quickly become overwhelmed by how many doggone options there are! Of course you want to take care of your new furry charge, but how are you to know what are the most durable dog collars or the best large dog accessories? We’re here for you. At The Online Drugstore, we’ll provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on puppy products, and we’ll also provide you with some of the best dog accessories. Read our blog and shop with us today.

Dog Collars

As a new dog owner, one of the first tools in your dog-training arsenal will be the collar. Go into any local store, though, and you’ll likely be overwhelmed with all of the dog collars for sale. Here are some pros and cons of different dog collars for big dogs and small dogs alike:

  • Chain Collars - This may not be necessary for a new 10 lb. puppy, but if you adopt a determined older dog, a heavy weight chain collar might be just what you need. These collars can be good for the strong-willed and strong-muscled dog that is likely to get away from you if you’re not too careful. These collars can also be very useful when you’re training your dog, but they can also be dangerous and should be used very carefully.
  • Nylon Collars - There’s a reason you see nylon dog collars everywhere: they’re durable and reliable, yet they’re soft enough to be comfortable for your dog. These durable dog collars are also excellent for dogs who are prone to swimming any chance they get. They come in a wide range of colors, making it easy to get a matching dog collar and leash, and you can easily find options for small or large dogs.The downsides to nylon dog collars include fading color and fraying fabric over time, and the collar can sometimes irritate your dog’s skin.
  • Herbal Collars - Never heard of this type of dog collar before? It’s not very well known, but the benefits can be immense. With argan oil, shea butter, and sunflower oil, this herbal collar will prevent your dogs from inhaling toxic fumes or being irritated from chemicals in other flea collars. It even is available for cats! There are no harmful chemicals, but the company can’t make any guarantees that it completely works.


A popular option instead of a standard dog collar is a dog harness. They’re most often available in nylon, suede, leather, or mesh. These dog harnesses will place little-to-no pressure on the throat of your dog, making it more comfortable when you’re out walking. When you have an untrained puppy on your hands, a harness and leash combination can be a great way to get your new furry friend accustomed to walking on your side obediently.

Placing the pressure of the collar and leash on a different part of the body than the neck can be beneficial, especially for small dogs. Most often harnesses distribute this pressure over the chest, but you can even find ones that place the pressure on the shoulders or rear end.

You can find nylon harnesses for small, medium, or large dogs here at The Online Drugstore, and all are adjustable to give the best fit for your dog.

A major downside of harnesses is that they don’t give you — the walker — as much control as a typical collar and leash would.

Tie-Out Cables

There are varying strengths of tie-out cables for dogs, but most will attach to your dog’s collar, so the most important factor here is still that you have a durable dog collar.

  • Nylon - A nylon tie-out cable is often available in multiple colors and lengths, and it’s weather resistant. It’s not, however, very good for the environment.
  • Chain - Using a chain tie-out cable for your dog to be in the backyard will certainly offer strength and we don’t know of any dog who could chew through the metal. Chain tie-out cables can rust over time though.
  • Steel - Why not opt for a vinyl coated aircraft steel cable? It’s weather resistant and strong, and the vinyl coating discourages rust on the steel. There are also steel cables that come with a chrome stake. The could definitely show some wear and tear over time.

Dog Leashes

Time to take your dog on a walk! There are so many options to choose from though. Dog leashes for big dogs should be reliable and strong, but really all of the best dog accessories are.

  • Retractable - Retractable dog leashes are convenient for both the dog and the owner, but they aren’t the best for actually training your dog and teaching good habits and obedience. Many people use retractable leashes for small dogs more often than for big dogs, but both are fine to use them. This primarily comes down to whether you want convenience or loyal obedience.
  • Nylon - Nylon dog leashes require more work on your part as the walker, but they teach your dog better obedience skills. They won’t have as much room to wander, but your dogs will benefit from stronger leashes. And if you’re all about matching dog collars and leashes, you’ll have lots of versatility of color when it comes to nylon dog leashes.

When you need to buy dog collars online, we hope you shop with The Online Drugstore. We have some of the best dog accessories on the market, all from top names in the industry. Whether you need a small dog harness and leash or you’re on the lookout for dog collars, leashes, and harnesses in general, we’re here for you and all of your animal needs. Shop durable dog collars, puppy products, and other online dog supplies today.