Dealing With Diaper Rash: How to Prevent It and Make It Go Away

Diaper rash can feel like an inevitability when you have a baby in diapers. Some children are simply more prone to getting it than others; they may have more sensitive skin and develop the condition more easily. Fortunately, in most cases diaper rash is relatively easy to treat with over-the-counter solutions that you can buy in our online baby care shop. If you've been struggling to prevent and treat diaper rash on your baby, take a few minutes to learn more about the condition, what causes it, and some of the best ways to treat it. 

Diaper Rash 101

What is diaper rash? 

Diaper rash is characterized by a red, sometimes bumpy rash on the skin where your baby's diaper touches. It can range from mild redness to severe irritation that can cause discomfort to your baby. Once treatment begins, the rash usually resolves itself after a couple days and won't require medical intervention. If you have concerns about the rash, though, or your baby has other symptoms, you should contact your medical care provider. 

What causes diaper rash? 

Diaper rash is caused by the skin coming into contact with a wet diaper for a long period of time. Infrequent diaper changes are the most common cause. Some children are more sensitive to diaper rash than others; children with more sensitive skin should have their diaper changed more frequently in order to prevent the condition. In rarer cases, though, diaper rash can be caused by: 

  • Allergic reactions to new food introduced into the baby's diet
  • Reactions to medications being taken by mother and passed through the breast milk

If no new foods or medications have been introduced, then the most likely cause is too much contact between the skin and a wet diaper.

How to Prevent Diaper Rash

Prevention is the best treatment when it comes to diaper rash. In most cases, you can stop diaper rash before it becomes an issue by taking a few precautions: 

  • Changing diapers frequently. While you might be tempted to leave your baby in a wet diaper for a little longer, changing them as soon as you know they are wet will help prevent the irritation from occurring. 
  • Applying a protective layer of diaper ointment. Diaper rash is caused when moisture sits on the skin for too long. Applying a diaper ointment to the skin before diapering can provide a protective layer of ointment that keeps moisture off of the skin. 
  • Applying powder before diapering. Baby powders made from cornstarch are great for absorbing excess moisture in the diaper. Sprinkle a little bit of powder into the diaper or directly onto the baby's skin before you close up the diaper. 
  • Change your brands. If your baby is experiencing diaper rash and you don't seem to be able to prevent it with the measures listed above, consider changing the brands you are using. Sometimes diaper rash can be made worse by sensitivities to certain brands and materials. 
  • Avoiding certain food items. If the rash develops soon after you've introduced a new food into your baby's diet, consider avoiding the food for a few days and see if the rash clears up. If it does, your baby may have a sensitivity to that food. 

Looking for good preventative treatments for diaper rash? We have a selection in our online store. Some parent favorites include Desitin zinc diaper rash treatment and Johnson's Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder. You'll find these and many additional options in our store. 

How to Treat Diaper Rash

Sometimes no matter how hard you work to prevent it, though, diaper rash still happens. Treating the rash can usually be done at home without making a trip to the doctor's office. However, if the rash persists, gets worse, or is accompanied by other symptoms like a fever, you should call your medical care provider. 

The treatment for diaper rash is a lot like the preventative steps listed above. Keep the area dry with frequent diaper changes, applying diaper rash ointments to the affected area, and use a cornstarch powder to keep moisture at bay. The rash should clear up in just a few days! 

Need More Baby Care Advice?

It's never fun seeing your baby miserable! That's why we make it easy to get the items you need to give them the best possible care. While diaper rash is very rarely a serious condition, it's not fun for you or your baby. Getting the right products to treat and prevent a rash will make both of you feel better. You can count on The Online Drugstore to be your online baby care store. Whether you need products to treat a diaper rash, something to keep baby entertained, or just need to stock up on all of your household goods, we have you covered. Place an order in our online store for $49 or more and we'll include the shipping for free! 

21st Jan 2018

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